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Nowadays, 9th class English students look for online ways to prepare for their English final examinations. There are not many resources on the internet that provide them with the materials they require. This is why we, at, have created a reliable and easy-to-access resource, through which students can access a ton of educational material that will help them with their exam preparation. From comprehensive online test systems to 2018 past papers, we have it all available on our website. The content is easily accessible by all students and simply requires them to sign up. It is absolutely free of cost. 

9th class English past papers Multan board

9th class English past papers Multan board 2020:

English is a mandatory subject in the schooling systems of Pakistan. It is included in the syllabus from primary years, and students can pursue it until further studies. It is an easy subject to learn and requires minimal practice. However, in 9th Class, students have to put in extra hard work to accomplish the grade that they desire. This is because the syllabus becomes more complex, and it requires more than just general knowledge. In the 9th class, students are required to possess great writing skills for their final examinations. Students can strengthen their English skills through the study material that is available on our website,

Previous Papers of English Multan Board:

We recommend a regular practice of English past papers for 9th Multan to sharpen thinking and writing skills. Through daily practice, students will be able to ace their 9th class English final examinations in no time. To get access to the 9th past papers 2018, you simply have to register on our website,, and select the option from the drop-down menu. Our team of professionals provides a comprehensive set of 9th class English past papers Multan Board that are arranged according to the year wise sequence of the examinations.

Previous Years English Past Papers 9th Class BISE Multan Board Analysis gives you unique insight into each past paper about what are the top chapters and topics.

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Dec 23, 2019

past papers ki key mil jaegi kindly?

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Nida mam g papers open hi nhi hote kiya kare
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Nida na jee deakh jye to nhi ate past papers