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University Of Peshawar

  • Public Institution
  • 92-91-9216477
  • Baragali Summer Campus, Peshawar

Intermediate Courses at University Of Peshawar

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
FSc Pre Medical
F.Sc (Pre Engineering)

Bachelors Courses at University Of Peshawar

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
BA Geology Admissions
BA Geography Admissions
BA Computer Science Admissions
BA Physics Admissions
BA Economic Admissions
BA Forestry Admissions
BA Botany Admissions
BA Agriculture Admissions
BA Environmental Science Admissions
BA Library Science Admissions
BA Engineering and Bio Technology Admissions
BS Geology
BS Geography
BS Computer Science (BSCS) Admissions
BS Physics Admissions
BS Economic
BS Forestry
BS Botany
BS Agriculture
BS Environmental Science
BS Library Science
BS Engineering and Bio Technology
BSc Geology
BSc Geography
BSc Computer Science
BSc Physics
BSc Economic
BSc Forestry
BSc Botany
BSc Agriculture
BSc Environmental Science
BSc Library Science
BSc Engineering and Bio Technology
BS in Art & Design
BS in Biotechnology
BS in Microbiology
BS in Zoology
BS in Chemistry
BS Geographical Information & System Remote Sensing
BS in Electronic
BS in Urban & Regional Planning Admissions
BS in Disaster Management & Preparedness
BS in International Relation
BS in Political Science
BS in Psychology
BS in Sociology
BS in Social Work
BS in Gender Studies
BS in Education
BS in Commerce
BS in Business Administration
BS in Mathematics
BS in Statistic
BS in Food & Nutrition Sciences
BS in Human Development & Family Studies
BS in Management Studies
BS in Textiles & Clothing
BEd Admissions
Bachelor of Science Admissions

Masters Courses at University Of Peshawar

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MSc Geology
MSc Geography
MSc Computer Science
MSc Physics
MSc Economic
MSc Forestry
MSc Botany
MSc Agriculture
MSc Environmental Science
MSc Library Science
MSc Engineering and Bio Technology
MBA Master of Business Administration Admissions
MS in Arabic
MS in Archaeology
MS in Botany
MS in Chemical Sciences
MS in Computer Sciences
MS in Economics
MS in Electronics
MS in Environmental Sciences
MS in Geography
MS in History Admissions
MS in Home Economics
MS in International Relations
MS in Journalism
MS in Mathematics
MS in Pashto
MS in Persian
MS in Physics
MS in Plant Bio Diversity
MS in Psychology
MS in Social Work
MS in Sociology
MS in Statistics
MS in Urdu Admissions
MS in Zoology
MA in Economics
Master in Public Administration (MPA)
LLB Admissions
MA Disaster Management
MA Gender Studies
MA Journalism & Mass Communication
MA Psychology
MA Social Work
MA Sociology
MA Regional Studies
MA Political Science
MA Library & Information Science
MA International Relation
MA Arabic
MA History Admissions
MA Persian
MA Philosophy
MA Urdu Admissions
MA English & Applied Linguistics Admissions
MA Environmental Sciences
MSc Chemistry
MSc Zoology
MSc Physics
MSc Electronics
MSc Mathematics
MSc Statistics
MSc Business Administration
MSc Public Administration
MA Social Anthropology
MA Archeology
MA Islamiat
MA Human Resource Management
MA Public Administration
MSc Home Economics
Postgraduate Diploma for Professional in Peace and Conflict Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in NGOs Management
MA Pakistan Studies
M.Sc Criminology
MA English Admissions
MBA Human Resources Management Admissions
M.Com Master of Commerce
MA Pashto
MSc Peace & Conflict Studies

M. Phil Courses at University Of Peshawar

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MPhil in Arabic
MPhil in Archaeology
MPhil in Botany
MPhil in Chemical Sciences
MPhil in Computer Sciences
MPhil in Economics
MPhil in Electronics
MPhil in Environmental Sciences
MPhil in Geography
MPhil in History Admissions
MPhil in Home Economics
MPhil in International Relations
MPhil in Journalism
MPhil in Mathematics
MPhil in Pashto
MPhil in Persian
MPhil in Physics
MPhil in Plant Bio Diversity
MPhil in Psychology
MPhil in Social Work
MPhil in Sociology
MPhil in Statistics
MPhil in Urdu Admissions
MPhil in Zoology
MPhil Social Anthropology

Ph. D Courses at University Of Peshawar

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
PHd in Arabic
Chemical Sciences
Computer Sciences
Environmental Sciences
PHd in Geography
PHd in History Admissions
PHd in Home Economics
PHd in International Relations
PHd in Journalism
PHd in Mathematics
PHd in Pashto
PHd in Persian
PHd in Physics
PHd in Plant Bio Diversity
PHd in Psychology
PHd in Social Work
PHd in Sociology
PHd in Statistics
PHd in Urdu Admissions
PHd in Zoology

Others Courses at University Of Peshawar

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
Certificate in Development Journalism
Certificate in Development Journalism
Diploma in Disaster Preparedness & Management
PGD Diploma in Geographic Information System