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University Of Sargodha Uos

University of Sargodha is one of the premier public universities of Pakistan located in the city of Sargodha. Located in the city known as the “City of Eagles,” graduates of the University of Sargodha have proven that the education they received in the university has made them a falcon in real life. Thousands of graduates of this university have started their professional life or have continued their higher education in national and international institutions. Located in one of the fastest growing cities of the country, the UoS is adopting many new ways to imparting education and has taken solid steps to enhance the level of understanding of the students.

  • Public Institution
  • +92-48-9230811-15
  • University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Pakistan.

Diploma & Certificates Courses at University Of Sargodha Uos

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
Diploma in Fashion Design
Diploma in Interior Design

Bachelors Courses at University Of Sargodha Uos

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
BA General Education Admissions
BBA in Business Administration Admissions
BCom Commerce Admissions
B.Ed. Education
BSc General Education
BS English Admissions
BS Economic
BS Mathematics Admissions
BS Islamic Studies
BA Mass Communication Admissions
BS Education
Bachelor Fine Arts Admissions
Bachelor in Graphic Design Admissions
Bachelor in Textile Design Admissions
BS History Admissions
BS Political Science
BS Library & Information Sciences
BS Zoology
BS Botany
BS Chemistry
BS Computer Science (BS-CS)
BS Information Technology (BS-IT)
BS Software Engineering (BS-SE)
BS Geography
BS Geology
BS Physics Admissions
BS Statistics Admissions
BS Sociology
BS Social Work
BS Psychology
BSc in Food Science & Technology
BSc Animal Science
BSc Mechanical Engineering
BSc Civil Engineering
BSc Electrical Engineering
BS Civil Technology
BS Electrical Technology
LLB (Hons) 5 Years Admissions
BS in Islamic Studies
BS Urdu Admissions
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) 5 Years
BSc Allied Health Sciences (AHS)
BS Biotechnology
BEd (Hons) Elementary Admissions
BS International Relations
BS Civil Engineering Technology
BS Electrical Engineering Technology
BS Engineering Technology
BS Mass Communication
BSc (Hons) Agricultural
BS (Hons) (Medical Laboratory Technology)
(Doctor of Physical Therapy) (DPT)
BS AHS Pathology Lab Sciences
BS AHS Surgery / OT Lab Sciences
BS AHS Radiology Lab Sciences
BS AHS Public Health Lab Sciences
Bachelor in Interior Design Admissions
BS Mechanical Engineering Technology

Masters Courses at University Of Sargodha Uos

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MS with Zoology/Biology
MS with Botany/Biology
MA Islamic Studies
MA English Admissions
MA Economic
MA Political Science
MA Mathematics
MBA Business Administration Admissions
MCom Commerce
MSc Islamic Studies
MSc English Admissions
MSC in Political Science
MSC Mathematics
MS Mass Communication
MA Mass Communication
MA Education
MA Fine Arts
MS History Admissions
MA Pakistan Studies
MA History Admissions
MA International Relation
Master Library & Information Sciences (MLIS)
MSc Physical Education
MS Zoology
MSc Zoology
MS Botany
MSc Botany
MSc Chemistry
MS Computer Science (MS-CS)
MSc Information Technology (IT)
MS Geography
MSc Geography
MSc Physics
MSc Statistics
MSc Public Policy & Governance
MSc Criminology
MSc Sociology
MA Social Work
MS Psychology
MSc Psychology
MSc Food Nutrition
MSc Food Science & Technology
MSc Agriculture Entomology
MSc Agronomy
MSc Agriculture Extension
MSc Animal Nutrition
MSc Horticulture
MSc Plant Breeding & Genetics
MSc Plant Pathology
MSc Soil Sciences
MSc Rural Development
MSc Agriculture
MSc Mechanical Engineering
MSc Electrical Engineering
MS Management Science
MBA Executive Admissions
MSc Economics
MA Arabic
MA Persian
MA Punjabi
MA Urdu Admissions
Doctor of Human Nutrition & Dietetics
MA Library And Information Science
MS Geology
MS Management Science
MSc (Hons) (Entomology)
MS Industrial Organizational Psychology
MA Oriental Language Punjabi
BE.d Science
MBA (2Years) 2 years Admissions
MA Communication and Media Studies
MA Information Management
B.Ed. General

M. Phil Courses at University Of Sargodha Uos

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MPhil English Admissions
MPhil Mass Communication
MPhil Education
MPhil History Admissions
MPhil International Relation
MPhil Political Science
MPhil Library & Information Sciences
MPhil Zoology
MPhil Botany
MPhil Biotechnology
MPhil Chemistry
MPhil Geography
MPhil Mathematics
MPhil Physics
MPhil Statistics
MPhil Sociology
MPhil Social Work
MPhil Psychology
MPhil Economics
MPhil Arabic
MPhil Islamic Studies
MPhil Persian
MPhil Urdu Admissions
MPhil Physical Therapy
MPhil Human Biochemistry
MPhil Human Pathology
MPhil Human Nutrition & Dietics
MPhil Pharmaceutics
M.Phil (Analytical-Inorganic)
M.Phil (Organic Chemistry)
MPhil Physical Chemistry
MPhil Pharmacology
M.Phil Oriental Language Persian
MPhil Pharmacy Practice

Ph. D Courses at University Of Sargodha Uos

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
PhD in Political Science
PhD in Library & Information Sciences
PhD in Zoology
PhD in Botany
PhD in Biotechnology
PhD in Chemistry
PhD in Mathematics
PhD in Physics
PhD in LLB Admissions
PhD in Sociology
PhD in Psychology
PhD in Food & Nutrition
PhD in Food Science & Technology
PhD in Agriculture Entomology
PhD in Agronomy
PhD in Agriculture Extension
PhD in Plant Breeding & Genetics
PhD in Plant Pathology
PhD in Soil Sciences
PhD in Horticulture
PhD in Mechanical Engineering
PhD in Economics
PhD in Arabic
PhD in Islamic Studies
PhD in Persian
PhD in Urdu Admissions
PhD Physical Therapy
PhD Human Biochemistry
PhD Human Nutrition & Dietics
Ph.D Pharmaceutics
Ph.D (Computer Science)
PhD Education
PhD Entomology
PhD Pharmacology
PhD Arabic
PhD Sociology
PhD English Admissions
PH.D Economics 3.5

Others Courses at University Of Sargodha Uos

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP)

One of the most prestigious programs offered at the University of Sargodha is DPT, Pharm D and BS Engineering program for the undergraduate students. However, the University offers a wide range of programs from Undergraduate to the doctorate level. When it comes to outstanding student research, the University of Sargodha has nurtured an environment that enables its graduates to study properly and excel in the areas of research. University of Sargodha has a positive attitude towards public-private collaboration and has allowed many of such activities to be organized in the university premises. Although the university has one sub campus in Bhakkar, the great thing about University of Sargodha is that it has over 180 colleges affiliated with it. These colleges are both from the public and private sector. Thousands of students get enrolled in these affiliated colleges and receive higher education with the UoS verified syllabus. Another thing that attracts thousands of students towards university of Sargodha is that it has succeeded to get all of his programs affiliated with the Higher education commission of Pakistan. The affordable fee and an excellent education system makes University of Sargodha one of the best higher education institutions of Pakistan.