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University of Sindh Hyderabad

  • Public Institution
  • +92-22-9213181-90 Ex
  • University of Sindh, Elsa Kazi Campus Hyderabad

Bachelors Courses at University of Sindh Hyderabad

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
BEd Admissions
BEd Hons Elementary Admissions
Pharm-D 4 year
BBA Business Administration 4 year Admissions
BS Anthropology & Archaeology 4 year
BS Biochemistry 4 year
BS Biotechnology 4 year
BS Botany 4 year
BS Environmental Science 4 year
BS Fresh Water Biology & Fisheries 4 year
BS Geography 4 year
BS Genetics 4 year
BS Geology 4 year
BS Mathematics 4 year Admissions
BS Microbiology 4 year
BS Physics 4 year Admissions
BS Physiology 4 year
BS Statistics 4 year Admissions
BS Nutrition & Food Technology 4 year
BS Telecommunication 4 year
BS Health & Physical Education 4 year
BS Psychology 4 year
BS Economics 4 year
BS General History 4 year Admissions
BS International Relations 4 year
BS Gender Studies 4 year
BS Criminology 4 year
BS Mass Communication 4 year
BS Political Science 4 year
BS Social Work 4 year
BS Sociology 4 year
BS Rural Development Studies 4 year
BS Library & Information Science and Sindhi 4 year
BS Chemistry 4 year
BS Computer Science (BSCS) 4 year Admissions
BS English 4 year Admissions
BS Public Administration 4 year
BS Information Technology 4 year
BS Software Engineering 4 year
BS Commerce 4 year
BA Arabic 2 Year Admissions
BA Comparative Religion 2 Year Admissions
BA Islamic Culture 2 Year Admissions
BA Muslim History 2 Year Admissions
BA Persian 2 Year Admissions
BA Philosophy & Urdu 2 Year Admissions
BFA Fine Arts 2 Year
BCD Communication Design 2 Year
BTD Textile Design & Art History 2 Year Admissions
LLB 5 years Admissions
MSc Environmental Science 2 Year
BPEHSS Physical Education Health & Sports Science 2 Year
Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Masters Courses at University of Sindh Hyderabad

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MA Education
MA Urdu Admissions
MA Sindhi
MA English Admissions
MA Economics
MA Political Science
MA Islamic Culture
MBA Master of Business Administration 2 Year Admissions
MBA Hons Business Administration 2 Year Admissions
MPA Public Administration 2 Year
MCom 2 Year
MCS Computer Science 2 Year
MSc Computer Science 2 Year
MSc Actuarial Sciences 2 Year
MSc Biochemistry 2 Year
MSc Biotechnology 2 Year
MSc Botany 2 Year
MSc Development Studies 2 Year
MSc Fresh Water Biology & Fisheries 2 Year
MSc Geography 2 Year
MSc Home Ecnomics 2 Year
MSc Mathematics 2 Year
MSc Physics 2 Year
MSc Physiology 2 Year
MSc Psychology 2 Year
MSc Statistics 2 Year
MSc Zoology 2 Year
MSc E-Commerce 2 Year
MSc Telemedicine & E-Health 2 Year
MSc Multimedia Technology 2 Year
MA Arabic 2 Year
MA Economics 2 Year
MA Comparative Religion 2 Year
MA English Linguistics & Literature 2 Year Admissions
MA Fine Arts 2 Year
MA Sindhi 2 Year
MA General History 2 Year Admissions
MA International Relations 2 Year
MA Islamic Culture 2 Year
MA Mass Communication 2 Year
MA Muslim History 2 Year Admissions
MA Persian 2 Year
MA Philosophy 2 Year
MA Political Science 2 Year
MA Psychology 2 Year
MA Sociology 2 Year
MA Social Work 2 Year
MA Pakistan Studies & Women Development Studies 2 Year
MA Urdu 2 Year Admissions
MA Art Education 2 Year
MA Information Technology 2 Year
MLIS Library & Information Science 2 Year
MPEHSS Physical Education Health & Sports Science 2 Year
PGD Computer Science 1 Year
PGD Information Technology 1 Year
PGD Medicinal Plants 1 Year
PGD Community Development 1 Year
PGD Public Administration 1 Year
PGD Pharmacy Management Industrial 1 Year
PGD Marketing and Hospital Management 1 Year
PGD Pharmaceutical Management 1 Year
PGD Sports Therapy 1 Year
MSc Rural Development Distance 2 Year
LLM 2 Year
MSc Criminology 2 Year
MA English Literature 2 Year Admissions
MSc Costal Zone Management 2 Year
MA Sufism & Peace, English 2 Year Admissions

M. Phil Courses at University of Sindh Hyderabad

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MPhil Analytical Chemistry 2 Year
MPhil Arabic 2 Year
MPhil Biochemistry 2 Year
MPhil Business Administration 2 Year
MPhil Chemical Sciences 2 Year
MPhil Commerce 2 Year
MPhil Computer Science 2 Year
MPhil Development Studies 2 Year
MPhil Economics 2 Year
MPhil Education 2 Year
MPhil Electronics 2 Year
MPhil English Linguistics 2 Year Admissions
MPhil English Literature 2 Year Admissions
MPhil Environmental Sciences 2 Year
MPhil Freshwater Biology and Fisheries 2 Year
MPhil Gender Studies 2 Year
MPhil General History 2 Year Admissions
MPhil Genetics 2 Year
MPhil Geology 2 Year
MPhil Information Technology 2 Year
MPhil Inorganic Chemistry 2 Year.
MPhil International Relations 2 Year
MPhil Islamic Culture 2 Year
MPhil Mathematics 2 Year
MPhil Media and Communication Studies 2 Year
MPhil Microbiology 2 Year
MPhil Nutrition and Food Technology 2 Year
MPhil Organic Chemistry 2 Year
MPhil Pakistan Studies 2 Year
MPhil Petroleum and Geo Sciences 2 Year
MPhil Pharmaceutics 2 Year
MPhil Pharmacology 2 Year
MPhil Physical Chemistry 2 Year
MPhil Physical Education, Health and Sports Sciences 2 Year
MPhil Physics 2 Year
MPhil Physiology 2 Year
MPhil Political Science 2 Year
MPhil Psychology 2 Year
MPhil Public Administration 2 Year
MPhil Sindhi 2 Year
MPhil Social Work 2 Year
MPhil Sociology 2 Year
MPhil Software Engineering 2 Year
MPhil Statistics 2 Year
MPhil Telecommunication 2 Year
MPhil Urdu 2 Year Admissions
MPhil Zoology 2 Year

Ph. D Courses at University of Sindh Hyderabad

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
PhD Analytical Chemistry 3 year
PhD Arabic 3 year
PhD Zoology 3 year
PhD Urdu 3 year Admissions
PhD Sociology 3 year
PhD Social Work 3 year
PhD Sindhi 3 year
PhD Public Administration 3 year
PhD Political Science 3 year
PhD Physiology 3 year
PhD Physics 3 year
PhD Physical Education, Health and Sports Sciences 3 year
PhD Physical Chemistry 3 year
PhD Pharmaceutics 3 year
PhD Pakistan Studies 2 Year
PhD Organic Chemistry 3 year
PhD Nutrition and Food Technology 3 year
PhD Microbiology 3 year
PhD Mathematics 2 Year
PhD Islamic Culture 3 year
PhD International Relations 3 year
PhD Inorganic Chemistry 3 year
PhD Information Technology 3 year
PhD Geology 3 year
PhD Genetics 3 year
PhD Freshwater Biology and Fisheries 3 year
PhD English Literature 3 year Admissions
PhD English Linguistics 3 year Admissions
PhD Education 3 year
PhD Economics 3 year
PhD Development Studies 3 year
PhD Computer Science 3 year
PhD Commerce 3 year
PhD Chemical Sciences 3 year
PhD Business Administration 3 year
PhD Botany 3 year
PhD Biotechnology 3 year
PhD Biochemistry 3 year
BS Zoology 4 year

Others Courses at University of Sindh Hyderabad

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
Diploma in Food Analysis and Music & Performing Arts
Diploma in Rural Development Communication 4 Month