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Dear students, prepare for chemistry class 10th chapter 6 long questions. These important long questions are carefully added to get you best preparation for your 10th class chemistry ch. 6 exams.
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Question: 1
How acid rain increase the acidity of soil?
Answer: 1

Acidity of soil:

Acidity of soil is increase by the acid rain.Many crops and plants cannot grow property in acidic soil,it increase the toxic metals soil.It increases the toxic metals in the soil that poisons the vegetation. Acid rain also effects old trees .Growth of plants i.e is retarded. They get dry and die.

Question: 2
Define pollutant.Differentiate between primary and secondary pollutant?
Answer: 2


It is a waste material that pollute air,water and soil.It is addition of any foreign material into the environmemt which may harm or effect living organism or directly or indirectly.

Primary Pollutants:

The waste or exhaust products driven out because of combustion of fossil fuels and organic matter.

Secondary Polluttants:

Pollutants which are producd by various reactions of primary pollutants.

Question: 3
Write down effects of global warming?
Answer: 3

Effect of global warming rising of temperature:

The atmosphere temperature rises about O.05C° every year. It is because of accumulation of CO2 in air.

Weather Change:

It cause major changes in weather pattern. Extreme weather events are occurring more commonly and intensively than previously.

Risk of flood:

It melts glaciers and icecaps weather pattern. Extreme weather events are occurring more commonly and intensively than previously.

Risk of sea level:

Sea level is rising due to which low lying areas are liable to be submergible turning previously populated areas no longer haiabitable.

Question: 4
What is green house effect?Explain
Answer: 4

Green House Effects:

It is the warming of the atmosphere by the trapping of long wave radiation being radiated to space the gases most responsible for this effect are water vapor and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is not a poisonous gas .But its increasing concentration due to burning of fossil fuels in different human activities is alarming, because CO2 in the atmosphere acts like a glass well of green house.

So, it allows UV radiations to pass through it but it does not allow the IR radiations to pass through it. It taps some of the inferred radiations emitted by the earth, so increased concentrations of CO2 layer absorbs IR and prevent heat energy escaping from atmosphere it helps to stop surface from cooling down night. The average temperature of the surface is increasing gradually because concentration of CO2 increasing day by day and less heat energy is lost from the surface. This is a green house effect.

Question: 5
Compound of sulphur are air pollutants.Decribe the sources of these compounds along with their effects?
Answer: 5

Naturally occurring sulphur containing compounds are cause of air pollution SO2 and SO3 pollute the air because of their pungent odour these are very insitant and suffocating ,through various reactions in the atmosphere they foam sulphate aerosols these aerosols cause severe respiratory particularly among older people.Sulphur dioxide is the major sources of acid deposition in the atmo bustion atmossphere.


Sulphur compounds are emitted in the bacterial decay of organic matter in volcanic gases and forest fires concentration of sulphur compounds in nature is small because of limited natural issmall but these compounds which are emitted by combustion of fossil fuels in automobiles and industrial units are of higher concentration about 80% of the total SO2 is released by the combustion of coal and petroleum products as shown in figure below.

Question: 6
What are the effects of ozone layer depletion?
Answer: 6

Effects of ozone depletion:

These are following effects of ozone depletion.

Skin Cancer:

Ultrative radiation come to all the surface of earth after ozone depletion and cause skin cancer to human beings and other animals.

Infection deseases:

Decrease o zone layer will increase infections disease like malaria.

Disruption of food chain:

Food chain is disturbed by change in life cycle of plants, so ozone depletion cause change in life cycle of plant.

Cause of climate change:

It can change the wind pattern which results in climate change all over the world.Asia and pacific will be the most effected regions facing climate inclose migration of people crisi.

Question: 7
<p class="MsoNormal">Explain the phenomenon of decreasing temperature in trosposphere?</p>
Answer: 7

The region of the atmosphere the earth surface upto km above is called troposphere it is the lowest region of the atmosphere in which we live it contains traces of ozone it is the earths weather phenomenon occur.

Question: 8
<p class="MsoNormal">Differentiate between primary and secondary air pollutants?</p>
Answer: 8

The waste or exhaust products driver at because of combustion of fossil fuels and organic matter.

Secondary pollutants:

Pollutants which are produced by various reactions of primary pollutants.

Question: 9
<p class="MsoNormal">State the major sources of CO and CO emission?</p>
Answer: 9

It is consumed in the process of photosynthesis result in the removal of a oxygen while animal use O2 during the process of respiration and give out CO2,SO natural balance exists between these necessary gases but human activities are disturbing this balance by using fuels these fuels axists CO2 by combination.

Emission of CO:

The source of emission CO is combination of fossil fuel fossil fuels burnt in combustion engine of any type of automobile like of any industry or open are fire emit CO fossil fuels includes coal petroleum and natural gas forest fires and burning of wood in limited oxygen emit CO.

Question: 10
<p class="MsoNormal">How does ozone layer foam in stratosphere?</p>
Answer: 10

The region of the atmosphere which is up to 50km is called stratosphere ozone is present in this layer at a height of about 28 km the concentration of ozone in this layer is 10 ppm (10 parts per million).

Question: 11
<p class="MsoNormal">How do chlorofluorocarbons damage the ozone layer?</p>
Answer: 11

Chlorofluoro carbons are responsible for ozone layer depletion ultraviolet radiations break the C-CL bond in CFCL3.

Question: 12
<p class="MsoNormal">What are pollutants which factors determine the severity of a pollutants?</p>
Answer: 12

It is a waste material that pollute air,water and soil it is addition of any foregion material into the environment which may harm or effect living organisms directly or indirectly.


These are three factors that determine the severity of a pollutant chemical nature of pollutants concentration of pollutants persistence.

Question: 13
<p class="MsoNormal">What is the difference between atmosphere and environment?</p>
Answer: 13

Atmosphere is a blanket of gases while environment include each and everything that surround us.

Question: 14
<p class="MsoNormal">What do you mean by atmosphere?</p>
Answer: 14

Atmosphere is the develop of different gases around the earth.

Question: 15
<p class="MsoNormal">Why is CO2 called a green house gas?</p>
Answer: 15

CO2, acts like a glass walls of green house it allows UV to pass through it but does not allow the IR rediations to pass it as concentration of gases increases less heat is lost from the surface so, average temperature increases called green house effect.

Question: 16
<p class="MsoNormal">How is acid rain produced?</p>
Answer: 16

When rain water mixed with SO2, and NO2, it forms acid rain.

Question: 17
<p class="MsoNormal">Why does temperature decreases up word in troposphere?</p>
Answer: 17

The region of the atmosphere from the earth surface upto 12km is called troposphere.

Ozone layer is formed by the reaction of CO2 and atomic oxygen the concentration of ozone remains nearly constant through a series of complex reaction.

Question: 18
<p class="MsoNormal">What are chlorofluorocarbons?</p>
Answer: 18

A gas emitted form refrigerators air conditions plastics and paint making factors is called chlorofluoro carbons.

Question: 19
<p class="MsoNormal">Write two causes of ozone depletion?</p>
Answer: 19


Hydrochlorofluoro carbons

Question: 20
<p class="MsoNormal">Why the flood risks are increasing?</p>
Answer: 20

Because global warming melts glacies and snow caps th ofat increasing flood risk.

Question: 21
<p class="MsoNormal">How ozone is prepared?</p>
Answer: 21

Ozone is prepared by passing silent electrical discharge through pure cold and dry oxygen in a specially designed apperatus called ozonister.

Question: 22
<p class="MsoNormal">What is meant by acid rains?</p>
Answer: 22

A rain having a PH lower than that of natural rain due to the presence of H2SO4 and HNO3 is called rain acid.

Question: 23
<p class="MsoNormal">Define global warming?</p>
Answer: 23

Green house effect is proportional to amount of CO2 in air greater is amount of CO2 more is preparing of heat or warming due to increased warming this phenomenon is called global warming.

Question: 24
<p class="MsoNormal">Why is CO considered a health hazard?</p>
Answer: 24

Co is an air polluted it is poisonous so it is a health hazard because it is colourless so its presence cannot be noticed early and readily.

Question: 25
<p class="MsoNormal">Define ozone hole?</p>
Answer: 25

The region in which ozone layer depletes is called ozone hole.

Question: 26
<p class="MsoNormal">Write down difference layers of atmosphere around the earth?</p>
Answer: 26

The atmosphere around the earth into four layers:





Question: 27
<p class="MsoNormal">Write two serious effects of ozone depletion?</p>
Answer: 27

It causes skin cancer depletion of ozone layer will increase infections diseases like malaria.

Question: 28
<p class="MsoNormal">Write down the significance of atmospheric gases?</p>
Answer: 28

The atmosphere earth world be lifeless carbon dioxide (CO)2 and oxygen (O2) are the most important gases for living organisms carbon dioxide is vital for use by plants by plants in photosynthesis in which plant use CO2 and water to convert the sun energy into food.

Question: 29
<p class="MsoNormal">Ozone is beneficial for human life justify?</p>
Answer: 29

The stratosphere or good ozone layer extends upward from about 6 to 30 mills and protects life on earth from the sun harmful altraviolet.