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Question: 1
Difference between echo and reflection of sound?
Answer: 1
the echo is formed through reflection but the reflection does not form echo. All sounds reflect back but it is not necessary that all reflections produce echo.
Question: 2
What is speed
Answer: 2
The distance covered in unit time is called speed.
Question: 3
Why sound waves are called mechanical waves?
Answer: 3
Sound waves are called mechanical waves because they require material medium for their propagation.
Question: 4
Define wavelength of sound wave.
Answer: 4
Distance between two consecutive compressions or rarefactions is called the wavelengths of sound wave.
Question: 5
Define loudness? On what factors loudness depends.
Answer: 5
"Loudness is the characteristics of sound by which loud and faint sounds cab be distinguished". Loudness depends upon a number of factors. Such as.
i. Amplitude of the vibrating body
ii. Araa of the vibrating body
iii. Distance from the vibrating body
iv. Physical condition of ear.
Question: 6
Difference Between the loudness and intensity of sound.
Answer: 6
Loudness: i. Characteristics of sound by which we can distinguish between loud and faint Sounds is called loudness.
ii. It is not physical quantity.
Question: 7
Difference between frequency and pitch.
Answer: 7
Frequency: The number of vibration completed in one second is called frequency. Its unit is hertz.(Hz)
Question: 8
On what factors pitch depends.
Answer: 8
It depends upon the frequency. A higher pitch menas higher frequcney and vice verse.
Question: 9
Why ultrasound is useful in medical field?
Answer: 9
Ultrasonic waves carry more energy and short wavelength therefore ultrasonic waves are used to diagnose and treat different ailments.
Question: 10
What is diaphragm?
Answer: 10
the chest piece consists of a plastic disc called diaphragm in stethoscope.
Question: 11
What is frequency.
Answer: 11
The number of vibration s per cycle of a vibrating body n one second is called frequency.
Question: 12
Explain that noise is a nuisance?
Answer: 12
Noise is a nuisance because it causes offence annoyance, trouble or injury.
Question: 13
What are sources of noise pollution?
Answer: 13
Transportation equipment, heavy machinery, loud vehicles horns and alarms are the source of noise pollution.
Question: 14
Which instrument is used to see the sound waves?
Answer: 14
By using an"Oscilloscope" we can see sound waves.
Question: 15
Why the voice of women is shriller than that of men?
Answer: 15
The frequency of the voice of ladies is higher than that of men.There fore, the voice of ladies is shrill and of high pitch.
Question: 16
Define intensity and its unit.
Answer: 16
Sound energy passing per second through a unit area held perpendicular to the direction of propagation of sound waves is called intensity of sound.
Question: 17
Difference between Quality and pitch.
Answer: 17
the property of sound by which we can distinguish between two sounds of same loudness and pitch is called quality.
Question: 18
What is audible frequency range?
Answer: 18
The range of the frequencies which a human ear can hear is called the audible frequency range.
Question: 19
What is SONAR?
Answer: 19
SONAR is "sound navigation and ranging". It is a technique used to estimate the distance of object from the ocean surface.
Question: 20
What is musical sound?
Answer: 20
Sounds which are pleasant to our ears are called musical sounds. e.g. sounds of guitar and violin.
Question: 21
Define echo os sound.
Answer: 21
When sound is incident on the surface of a medium it bounces back into the first medium, This phenomenon is called echo or reflection of sound.