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An important facility for 10th class students preparing for short questions physics 10th class chapter 7 of BISE. Get hundreds of questions to prepare and get better marks in 10th physics
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Question: 1
How digital electronic devices work.
Answer: 1
Digital electronics devices store and process bites electronically.
Question: 2
In oscilloscope how filament is heated.
Answer: 2
In oscilloscope filament is heated electrically. When filament is connected to voltage source, current passses through filament and get heated.
Question: 3
Explain the uses of logic gates.
Answer: 3
Logic gates in electronic circuits are used to do useful tasks. These circuits usually use light depending resistors to keep inputs LOW. an LDR can act as a switch that is closed when illuminated by light and open in dark.
Question: 4
Define analogy quantities.
Answer: 4
quantities whose values very in continuously or remain constant are known as analogue quantities.
Example: Temperature, time, pressure, distance and analogue quantities.
Question: 5
What is meant by Boolean algebra?
Answer: 5
It is a branch of mathematics which deals with the relationships of logic variables.
Question: 6
What is cathode ray oscilloscope?
Answer: 6
An instrument which is used to display the magnitude of rapidly changing electric current or potential.
Question: 7
Give the examples of cathode ray tubes from yu daily life.
Answer: 7
The picture in our T.V. set and display terminal of most computes are cathode ray tubes.
Question: 8
What are the values of Boolean variables.
Answer: 8
Boolean variables can have only two values 0 and 1
Question: 9
Write some benefits of using digital electronic over analogue electronic.
Answer: 9
i. There is no interference in digital signal
ii. Its easy to read digital quantities.
Question: 10
What is the use of grid in cathode ray oscilloscope.
Answer: 10
In the electron gun the grid is used to control the flow of electron, thus control brightness on fluorescent screen.
Question: 11
What are digital quantities.
Answer: 11
Digital quantities. Quantities whose values vary in non continuous manner are called digital quantities. Digital quantities are expressed in form of digits or numbers.
Question: 12
Name two factors which can enhance thermionic emission .
Answer: 12
i. Increasing strength of the battery and voltage.
ii. By increasing temperature.
Question: 13
What is the use of electron gun.
Answer: 13
It is used to investigate the properties of electron beam.
Question: 14
Why filament is heated.
Answer: 14
Filament is heated for emission of electrons. If metal is heated to a high temperature, some of free electrons may gain sufficient energy to erscape metal surface.
Question: 15
Name some use of oscilloscope.
Answer: 15
i. Displaying wave forms.
ii. Range finding
iii. Measuring voltages.
iv. Echo sounding .
v. Displaying heartbeats.
Question: 16
Why a large potential is applied between anode and cathode.
Answer: 16
A large potential is applied between anode and cathode to accelerate the beam of electrons.
Question: 17
What is a cathode ray tube?
Answer: 17
A vacuum tube used to accelerate electrons which emit from the cathode by applying high voltage between cathode and anode is called ray tube.
Question: 18
NAND gate is the reciprocal of AND gate discuss.
Answer: 18
NAND gate is formed when AND and NOT gate are connected one after the other .If AND gate show 0 output, then NAND gate will show 1 output. So we can say NAND agate is reciprocal of AND gate.