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An important facility for 10th class students preparing for short questions physics 10th class chapter 8 of BISE. Get hundreds of questions to prepare and get better marks in 10th physics
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Question: 1
Write two disadvantages of optical fibers.
Answer: 1
1. Fiver optics is difficult to install
2. It is quite expensive
Question: 2
What is floppy disk.
Answer: 2
Floppy disk is made up of flexible plastic wager packed in plastic case. It is coated with magnetic oxides. It can store data from 1 to 3 MB.
Question: 3
What is differentiate between data and information.
Answer: 3
Data: data are facts and figures that are used by programs to produce useful information .It may be nt he form of text, graphic or figure that can be recorded and that have specific meaning.
Question: 4
What do you mean by Information communication technology.
Answer: 4
Information and communication technology are the scientific methods and means to store, process and transmit vast amount of information is seconds with help of electronic equipments.
Question: 5
Define telecommunication?
Answer: 5
The Method that is used to communicate information to far of places instantly is called telecommunication.
Question: 6
Difference between the primary memory and secondary memory.
Answer: 6
Primary memory: i. It has direct access to processor.
2. It has low capacity
3. It has very fast access.
Question: 7
Write two advantages of optical fibers.
Answer: 7
1. Its error states is very low
2. there is no noise and distortion in fiber optics.
Question: 8
What is flash drive.
Answer: 8
It is electronic device that consist of data storage ICs. A flash drive is a small storage device that can be used to transfer files from one computer to another.
Question: 9
Define secondary storage devices.
Answer: 9
The Data store devices are generally secondary memory of the computer. It is used to store date permanently in the computer.
Question: 10
Difference between RAM and ROM memories.
Answer: 10
RAM: it is based electronics and consits of integrated circuits is random access memory . It vanishes when the computer is switched off.It is a temporary memory.
Question: 11
Difference between hardware and software.
Answer: 11
Hard ware: 1. All touchable part of computer are called hardware.
2. Includes CPU, monitor, keyboard, Mouse etc.
Question: 12
Define information?
Answer: 12
In computer terminology, processed data is called information . Computer processes the data and converts it into useful information.
Question: 13
Why CD is also called read ony memory.
Answer: 13
Data stored on CD can only by read but cannot be erases.Therefore, CD memory is called read only memory.
Question: 14
What is super computer?
Answer: 14
The most powerful and swift computer which can send information in one thousand billionth part of a second is called supercomputer. It contains many processors.
Question: 15
On which network system of cell phone consists of.
Answer: 15
i. Cell ii. Base stations iii. Mobile switching centre.
Question: 16
What is the impact of ICT in education.
Answer: 16
ICT brought a resolution in the field of education and research. We can get easy approach to modern to modern and fresh knowledge through ICT.
Question: 17
What is operating system Give its example.
Answer: 17
The operating system is a software that manages our computer and the device connected to it.
Example: i. Windows ii. Linux
Question: 18
What is E-commerce.
Answer: 18
E-commerce is the way of doing business on the web. We can order our favorite book or any other item on line. for instance, has selling books, music and video successfully for years.