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An important facility for 10th class students preparing for short questions physics 10th class chapter 6 of BISE. Get hundreds of questions to prepare and get better marks in 10th physics
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Question: 1
What is the field coil?
Answer: 1
To produce magnetic field, we use permanent magnet or electromagnet which is called field coil.
Question: 2
Define mutual induction?
Answer: 2
The phenomenon of production of induced current in one coil due to change of current in a neighboring coil is called mutual induction.
Question: 3
Define electromagnetic induction?
Answer: 3
The process of generating an induced current in a circuit by changing the number of magnetic lines of force passing through it is called electromagnetic induction.
Question: 4
What is Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction.
Answer: 4
The value of induced e.m.f in a circuit is directly proportional to the rate of change of number of magnetic lines of force passing through it.
Question: 5
What is the solenoid?
Answer: 5
A long coil of wire consisting of many loops is called solenoid.
Question: 6
Define magnetic field strength.
Answer: 6
The number of magnetic lines of forces passing through a surface area is called magnetic field strength.
Question: 7
What electromagnet?
Answer: 7
the type of temporary magnet, which is created when current flows through a coil, is called electromagnet.
Question: 8
Define Right hand rules.
Answer: 8
"grasp a wire with your right hand such that your thumb pointed in the direction of conventional current. Then curling fingers of the hand will point out the direction of magnetic field"
Question: 9
What is electromagnetism? What are its uses?
Answer: 9
Electromagnetism is the study of magnetic effect of current .
Use: i. Motors and electric meters are based on the effects of magnetism produced by electric current in wires.
2. Generator produce electric current due to the movement of wires near very large magnets.
Question: 10
Difference between generator and a motor?
Answer: 10
1. In generator, we move the coil and current is produced.
2. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.:
Question: 11
What do magnetic field lines show?
Answer: 11
Magnetic field lines help us to visualize the magnitude and direction of the magnet.
Question: 12
State Lenz's law?
Answer: 12
The direction of an induced current in a circuit is always such that it opposes the cause that produces it is called lenz's law.
Question: 13
Which device is used for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy?
Answer: 13
Electric motor is a device which is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Question: 14
What is the basis of MRI technique?
Answer: 14
Weak ionic current in our body that travels along the nerve can produce the magnetic effect.This forms the basis of obtaining images of different parts of body.This is done using teh technique called magnetic resonance imaging.
Question: 15
Define primary coil.
Answer: 15
The coil in which change in current induces current in neighboring coil is called primary coil.
Question: 16
What is the principle of walk-through metal detectors.
Answer: 16
Walk through metal detectors are installed at air ports and other places for security purpose. These detectors detect metal weapons etc. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction.
Question: 17
Define magnetic flux.
Answer: 17
The number of magnetic lines of force passing through any surface is known as magnetic flux .
Question: 18
Explain application of electromagnet with the help of relay?
Answer: 18
Relay; A relay is an electrical switch that opens and closes under the control of electrical circuit.
FUNCTION: The relay is used to control a large current with the help of small current.
Question: 19
Can a transformer operate on direct current?
Answer: 19
Transformer is used to increase or decrease the A.C. voltage , therefore a transformer cannot be operated on D.C. current.
Question: 20
On which principle generator works in hydroelectric dam?
Answer: 20
A generator inside hydroelectric dam uses electromagnetic induction to convert mechanical energy of spinning turbines into electrical energy.