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Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore

  • Private Institution
  • 042 37499301-6
  • C Block, Izmir Society, Canal Road, Lahore 53800

Bachelors Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
BSc Architecture
BTech Electrical
BS Accounting and Finance
BS Accounting and Control System
BSc Civil Technology
BSc Electrical Technology
BSc Mechanical Technology
BTech Electronics
BTech Civil
BS Economics
BS Accounting and Finance
BS Accounting and Control System
BS Accounting and Islamic Banking Admissions
BS Media Studies
BSc Electronics Technology
BBA Marketing Admissions
BSc Telecommunication
BSc Power & Energy System
BS Software Engineering (BSSE) Admissions
BS Computer Science (BSCS) Admissions
BS Information Technology (BSIT)
BS Islamic Banking & Finance Admissions
Bachelor of Architiecture Admissions
Bachelor of Interior Architecture Admissions
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Admissions
Bachelors of Fine Arts (Painting Sculpture Miniature) Admissions
Bachelor of Fashion Design Admissions
Bachelors of Graphic Design Admissions
Bachelor of Product Design Admissions
BSc Electrical Engineering
BSc Mechanical Engineering
BSc Electronics & Electrical Systems
BSc Electronics & Communication Systems
BSc Telecommunication Systems
BSc Nano Technology
BSc Communication & Information Technology
BSc Chemical Technology
BBA Human Resource Management Admissions
BBA Information Technology Admissions
BBA International Marketing Admissions
BBA Supply Chain Management Admissions
BBA Finance Admissions
BBA Islamic Banking Admissions
BS Civil Engineering
BS Electrical Engineering
BS Mechanical Engineering
BS Chemical Engineering
BS Mechatronics Engineering
BS Civil Technology
BS Electrical Technology
BS Mechanical Technology
BS Chemical Technology
BS Electronics Technology
BS Nano Technology
BTech Chemical
BTech Mechanical
BS in Mass Communication
BS English Admissions
BS Mathematics Admissions
BA LLB Admissions
LLB Admissions
BS Nutrition & Dietetics
BS Aviation Management
BS Biotechnology
BS Microbiology
BS Biochemistry
BS Applied Chemistry
BS Doctor of Physiotherapy
Doctor of Physiotherapy
Doctor of Diet & Nutritional Sciences
Doctor of Medical Lab Sciences
Medical Imaging Doctor
BS Education
BCom Admissions
Doctor of Optometry
BSc Civil Engineering
Bsc Medical Ultrasound Technology
Bachelor of Fashion Design Admissions
BS Virology and Immunology
BS Molecular Pathology
BS Sport Science
Bachelor of Textile Design Admissions

Masters Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MSc Civil Engineering
MSc Elecrtical Engineering
MSc Mechanical Engineering
MSc Civil Engineering
MSc Civil Engineering
MSc Geo Technical Engineering
MSc Environmental Engineering
MSc Communication Engineering
MSc Power Engineering
MSc Thermal Power
MS Computer Science (MSCS) Admissions
MS Information Technology
Master of Architecture
Master of Interior Architecture
Master Of Visual Arts
Master of Fashion Designer
Graphic Design
MSc Electronic Systems
MSc Nano Technology
MSc Computer Science
MSc Information Technology
MSc Geographic Information Systems
MBA International Marketing Admissions
MBA Finance Admissions
MBA Human Resource Management Admissions
MBA Information Technology Admissions
MBA Marketing Admissions
MBA Supply Chain Management Admissions
Master of Graphic Design
MS Management Science
MS Marketing
MS Human Resource Management
MS Islamic Banking Admissions
MS Information Systems
MS Quality Management
MS Accounting & Finance
MS Media Management
MS Leadership Management
MS Economics
MS Geographic Information Systems
MS Civil Engineering
MS Electrical Engineering
MS Mechanical Engineering
MS Chemical Engineering
MS Mechatronics Engineering
MS Engineering Management
MS Software Engineering (MSSE)
MA Mass Communication
MS Mass Communication
MA English Admissions
MS Mathematics
MS Food & Nutrition
MSc Aviation Management
MSc Biotechnology
MSc Microbiology
MSc Biochemistry
MSc Applied Chemistry
MS Doctor of Physiotherapy
Master Education
MSc Public Health
MSc Medical Ultrasound Technology
MSc Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering 2 Year
MSc Engnieering Managmenet 2 Year
MS Medical imaging Technology 2 Year

M. Phil Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MPhil Computer Science
MPhil Information Technology
MPhil Management Science
MPhil Marketing
Mphil Media Management
MPhil Accounting & Finance
MPhil Leaderships Management
MPhil Management Science
MPhil Quality Management
MPhil Geographic Information Systems
MPhil Economics
MPhil Mass Communication
MPhil English Linguistics & Literature Admissions
MPhil Mathematics
MPhil Food & Nutrition
MPhil Biotechnology
MPhil Microbiology
MPhil Biochemistry
MPhil Applied Chemistry
MPhil Doctor of Physiotherapy
MS Forensic Accounting
MS Forensic Audit
MS Internal Controls
MPhil Urdu Admissions
MPhil Islamic Banking Admissions
MPhil Total Quality Management
MPhil Project Management
MPhil Supply Chain Management
MPhil Finance
MPhil Islamic Studies
MPhil Pakistan Studies
MPhil Dietetics & Nutrition Science 2 Year
MPhil Public Health 2 Year
MPhil Virology and Molecular Pathology
Mphil Immunology and Molecular Pathology
MPhil Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound
MPhil Medical Ultrasound Technology
PhD immunology and Molecular Pathology
MPhil Software Engineering

Ph. D Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
PhD Electrical Engineering
PhD Mechanical Engineering
PhD Computer Science
PhD Information Technology
PhD Engineering Management
PhD Marketing
PhD Human Resource Management
PhD Islamic Banking Admissions
PhD Quality Management
PhD Accounting & Finance
PhD Media Management
PhD Ledership Management
PhD Civil Engineering
PhD Chemical
PhD Mechatronics Engineering
PhD Software Engineering
PhD Mass Communication
PhD English Linguistics & Literature Admissions
PhD Mathematics
PhD in Food & Nutrition
PhD Biotechnology
PhD Microbiology
PhD Biochemistry
PhD Applied Chemistry
PhD Urdu Admissions
PhD Islamic Studies
PhD Management Science 3 year
PhD Pakistan Studies 3 year
PhD Virology and Molecular Pathology

Others Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
Diploma in Transitional in Optometry
Post Professional Course in Optometry