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Lahore College For Women University (Lcwu) Lahore

Lahore College for Women University, commonly known as LCWU, is a premier female-only university of Pakistan. The college was established in 1922. The LCWU has proven its ability to produce great students who can survive in the professional environment and bring innovation to the workplace. Being a public institution, the students of this university are able to gain higher education at affordable fees and have a chance of getting to learn under the new education policies of the government before any private institution. Each year thousands of students apply for admission in the LCWU as this institution has proven its worth on both the national and international levels.

  • Public Institution
  • +92-42-9203801-9
  • Near Wapda Flats, Jail Road, Lahore

Intermediate Courses at Lahore College For Women University (Lcwu) Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
FA Arts 2
FSc Pre Engineering 2
FSc Pre Medical 2
ICom 2
F.A (General Science) 2
ICS Physics 2
ICS Statistics 2
ICS Economics 2
F.Sc (Applied Psychology) 2
F.A (Home Economics) 2

Bachelors Courses at Lahore College For Women University (Lcwu) Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
BS English Literature 4 Admissions
BS Mathematics 4 Admissions
BS Economics 4
BS Mass Communication 4
BS Education 4
BFA Craft and Textile Design 4
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration 4 Admissions
BS Biotechnology 4
BS Botany
BS Chemistry 4
BS Environmental Science 4
BS Geography 4
BS Physics 4 Admissions
BS Zoology 4
BS Architecture 4
BS Electrical Engineering 4
BS Computer Science (BSCS) Admissions
BS City Regional Planning 4
BS Applied Psychology 4
BS Home Economics 4
BS International Relations 4
BS Islamic Studies 4
BS Pakistan Studies 4
BS Political Sciences 4
BS Social Work 4
BS Statistics 4 Admissions
BS History 4 Admissions
BS Management Science 4
BS Public Administration 4
BCom Management Science 4 Admissions
BBA Management Science 4 Admissions
BS Gender and Development Studies 4
BS Graphic Design 4
BS Visual Arts 4
BS Fine Arts 4
BS Textile Designing 4
BS Interior Designing 4
BS Arabic 4
BS Persian 4
BS Punjabi 4
BS Urdu 4 Admissions
BS French 4
BS Physical Education 4
Associate Degree in Education BEd 4 Admissions
Bachelor Electrical Engineering 4 Admissions
Pharm D 4
BS (Pre Engineering) 4
BS (English) 4 Admissions
BFA (Interior Design) 4
BFA (Textile Design) 4
BFA (Visual Arts) 4
BFA (Graphic Design) 4
Bachelor of Architecture 4 Admissions
Bachelor of Science (BS) 4 Admissions
BPA Bachelor of Public Administration 4 Admissions
B.Ed Elementary 4

Masters Courses at Lahore College For Women University (Lcwu) Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MA English Literature 2 Admissions
MA Mathematics 2
MA Economics 2
MA Mass Communication 2
MA Education 2
MA Islamic Studies 2
MS Biotechnology 2
MS Botany 2
MS Chemistry 2
MS Applied Environmental Sciences 2
MS Physics 2
MS Zoology 2
MS Computer Science (MSCS) 2 Admissions
MS City Regional Planning 2
MS Mathematics 2
MS Electrical Engineering 2
MS Economics 2
MS Management Science 2
MS Fine Art 2
MS Studio Practice 2
MFA Graphic Design 2
MS Education 2
MS Gender and Development Studies 2
MS English 2 Admissions
MS Urdu 2 Admissions
MS Punjabi 2
MS Persian 2
MS Health Psychology 2
MS Political Science 2
MS Mass Communication 2
MS Statistics 2
MS Islamic Studies 2
MS Econometrics 2
MSc Chemistry 2
MSc Biotechnology 2
MSc Zoology 2
Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching 2 Admissions
Master Electrical Engineering 2
MS History 2 Admissions

M. Phil Courses at Lahore College For Women University (Lcwu) Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
MPhil Econometrics 2
MPhil Pharmacology and Pharmacy Practice 2

Ph. D Courses at Lahore College For Women University (Lcwu) Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
PhD Chemistry 3/4
PhD Physics 3/4
PhD Mathematics 3/4
PhD Political science 3/4
PhD Fine art 3/4
PhD Education 3/4
PhD Biotechnology 3/4
PhD Botany 3/4
PhD Environmental Science 3/4
PhD Zoology 3/4
PhD Applied Psychology 3/4
PhD Islamic Studies 3/4
PhD Urdu 3/4 Admissions
PhD Punjabi 3/4
PhD Computer Science 3/4
PhD City and Regional Planning 3/4
PhD Persian 3/4

Others Courses at Lahore College For Women University (Lcwu) Lahore

Course Name Duration Fee Admission
Diploma in English Language Teaching Admissions

LCWU is providing quality education from HSSC to the Doctorate level. Each year thousands of students apply for higher education and higher secondary school education at LCWU. Being a prominent institution and receiving a tremendous number of applications, the merit of all programs provided at LCWU is very high. In past and the recent times, the graduates of the LCWU have went on to join many prestigious national and international institutions and organizations. Many LCWU graduates go on the path of becoming a teacher after completing their education from LCWU. However, others choose the path of corporate life and join the companies that run the country. The charter and mission statement of LCWU embraces the importance of co-curricular activities. To ensure that the students of LCWU stay both mentally and physically fit, the university promotes and organizes many activities other than the common routine. A number of student societies also make sure that the students keep expanding their horizons and learn new things other than their curriculum. There is a great university library in the campus that allows students to study with great focus and peace of mind. Other than that, the HEC digital library allows enables the students to access the books that aren’t available in the campus.